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    What are the characteristics of Hengshui Steel Structure Factory Design?

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-21 16:45:47

    Hengshui Steel plant design What are the characteristics

    Due to the increase in steel production in China, more and more enterprises are beginning to use steel structure design steel structure plant, steel structure plant For light steel structure workshop and heavy steel structure workshop, the main load-bearing components are composed of steel, including steel pillars, steel beams and steel structure foundations. It is different from traditional brickwork buildings and has the following characteristics:
    1, the steel used in the steel structure design workshop has good plasticity, and the structure will not suddenly break due to accidental overload or partial overload. Toughness of steel, the structure of strong adaptability to dynamic load;
    2, steel plant design using the steel material uniform, high structural reliability;
    3, high-strength steel used in steel plant design, light weight structure manufacturing plant span, large span structures can be made;
    4, Steel plant structure having solderability, the connecting steel greatly simplified, adapted to the manufacture of complex shapes of various structures;
    5, steel fabrication, installation industrialized The production of the high steel structure is mainly carried out in a specialized metal structure factory, so that the production is simple and the precision is high. The manufactured components are transported to the site for installation, with high assembly degree, fast installation speed and short construction period.
    Of course, the steel structure design factory also has other special features, such as heat resistance, non-refractory, poor corrosion resistance, and should avoid the humid environment. However, in general, the steel structure plant has high strength, large span, short construction period of steel structure construction, and correspondingly reduced investment cost, which is more and more welcomed by enterprise manufacturers.

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